black-mans-hands-in-handcuffs-shutterstock-800x430_d600How much do bail bonds really cost?
If you’ve searched around you may have noticed a lot of people saying different things about how much a bail bond costs. Some people say 10%, some people say 8%, some people say 5%. So how much does a bail bond really cost? The bail bond industry in Ohio is written in the legal statute that the price of a bail bond is not to exceed 10% of the total bond amount.

How often in your life are you able to pay out thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, risk-free? With our ethical bail bond services, you get just that. Our company promise is that if for any reason we cannot bail you, your family member, friend or loved one of jail we will refund 100% of the bond you pay. For example, if you have secured a $100,000 bond and have already paid us $10,000, and the defendant is not bailed out of jail, for any reason, we will immediately refund the full $10,000. No questions asked!
You can fully rely on our team to provide you with fast, friendly and professional service that won’t leave you high and dry.