Of all of the things you imagined you’d be doing today, looking online to find a bail bondsman probably wasn’t one of them.
It’s not under the most ideal of circumstances that you find yourself on this page now. If you’re reading this it is likely because someone you know is in jail and you want to get them out of there. Posting bail can be a confusing and frustrating road if you don’t have the experience and knowledge to properly navigate around all the rules and regulations.
Unless you’ve dealt with a bail bondsman before you probably don’t know much about what to expect and how this whole process works. Fortunately, our extensive knowledge of the Ohio Jail system helps us secure our customer’s fast and timely release from jail, guaranteed or your money back. It would be helpful if you could ask someone in the industry about what goes on behind the scenes, but it’s hard to trust what anyone says when they’re more concerned with selling you their services.
At FreeMan Bail Bonds I believe that people have a right to certain information, so that you can have an insiders look at what really goes on in the bail bond industry, the truth needs to be out there so that people like you can make more educated decisions.